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Interior Design & Décor 


Interior design is more than just creating a space that you can live in, it is about creating a space that you love to live in.  The right design concept should enhance our lifestyle so that it feels better, more productive, balanced and beautiful. Your surroundings impact your health, well-being, your moods, your happiness. RSZ Interiors' job is to provide you with the guidance and expertise to assist you in making the decisions that will bring positive changes in your home and reflect your inner intentions.  Creating spaces you’ll love to live in, that is what the RSZ team does!



RSZ Interiors offers start-to-finish solutions for every project.  In addition to our full design services, we specialize in interior home renovations, including but not limited to bathrooms, basements, kitchens and more.  RSZ Interiors guarantees high-quality construction for each and every project.  Our contractors are professional, reliable and they will treat your home and project with the respect and integrity it deserves.

Materials Sourcing & Selections


RSZ Interiors offers clients an array of services which include sourcing and procurement of furniture pieces, lighting, décor/accessories, fabrics.  We have the ability to purchase directly from an elite list of manufacturers or to commission tailor-made pieces directly with our clients’ specifications. 

For some clients the thought of browsing and searching for that perfect chair, accessories for your fireplace mantle, that unique fabric you need for those drapes, leaves you overwhelmed and frustrated as you simply don't have the time, courage, patience or ability to make those types of decisions. RSZ Interiors can assist you with the decision-making process and with these purchases to ensure that your time and money is well spent.

Construction Project Management


Managing and leading any type of project is an arduous task. It requires the skills of someone who is proactive rather than reactive, knowledgeable within the scope of the project, resourceful, detail oriented, organized and in particular someone who has the time to see the project come to fruition from conception to conclusion.  RSZ Interiors brings exceptional project management skills and a no bull approach to the forefront of any project.  We take the time and the initiative to ensure that your job, regardless of size or complexity, is handled with the necessary competency to ensure that your project is a successful one.

Staging (Occupied & Unoccupied)


Beginning with curb appeal and continuing with every interior room, our staging services will transform your property from a house, into a home that buyers or renters will fall in love with and want to live in. Our ultimate goal is to present the home its best light so that it attracts the best offer in the least time possible.

Staging is not just about decluttering, removing personal photos, or renting a few pieces of furniture to prove that a queen size bed will fit in the space.  Staging a home is not about solving a problem now, but it is all about presenting the perfect lifestyle to prospective buyers.

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