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Initial Consultation (approximately 2 hours) - $300.00


RSZ Interiors’ goal during our initial consultation is to get to know you, your styles, the functionality of the space, and to assist you in determining a realistic budget in order to complete your project.  During this time we ask that you to open up to us and share with us pictures, fabric samples, magazine cut outs, ideas and that you answer some of our questions so that we can best determine how our firm can assist you in turning your vision into a reality.  Remember pictures are worth a thousand words and can convey your wishes when words fail or specific industry terms are unknown.  If there are others who live in the home whose consideration must be taken into account we would like to hear their input, whether it is through you or personally.  Depending on the project, we may need to take some measurements and pictures.  During this time together we will also discuss timelines and budgets so that RSZ Interiors can get a clear picture of your intentions and wishes for your specific space.  

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