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What can RSZ Interiors do for me as a client?  


RSZ Interiors primary goal is to help its clients define their ideas and guide them through the decision making and implementation process.  Working with RSZ Interiors gives you the option of deciding what parts of the project you would like to have us involved in.  If your primary goal is to gain perspective and to simplify the decision making process, RSZ Interiors can assist you with that.  If you choose to tackle installations or implementations you can do so; either with your own contractors or with our own.  You the client, decides how much involvement RSZ Interiors has in your specific project.

What are the main benefits of hiring RSZ Interiors?


The main advantage is that you'll have professional advice as well as access to resources, products, fabrics, and furniture choices available at a fraction of the cost since we can purchase directly from the manufacturer. RSZ Interiors can help you stay within your budget and we will use our experience and resources to ensure you are working with someone who has a clear understanding of your personal and financial goals for your specific space or home.

I would like to get some advice from RSZ Interiors in decorating my home, but I don't have the entire budget available right now to make all the changes happen simultaneously.  Can RSZ Interiors still help?


Absolutely!  With RSZ Interiors you have 2 options.  First option, you may hire our services on a room per room basis.  Again, keep in mind that we can assist you with the entire project, or we can help with the areas that you feel you need assistance with, and you can take over once you feel you can accomplish the look you are after.  Second option, the favorite option of most of our first time home buyer clients; we can create an RSZ Design Concept for your home.

What is an RSZ Design Concept?


An RSZ Design Concept is a resource binder that is created for each specific client.  This binder will include pictures, drawings, list of resources, materials, fabrics, prices of how each and every specific room in your house will look once you have completed each and every one of these projects.  With the RSZ Design Concept Binder, you can choose to paint the rooms yourself as you will have the name, brand, color formula of each and every room or you can choose to hire a painter or use one of our own -- it will all depend on your budget.  You will continue to enhance your home as your budget allows it, and this resource binder will be your guide.  If you get stuck or need our assistance at any point, we are only a phone call away.  This is a cost effective option, when budgets are limited.  Most of our first time home buyers, choose this option.

I am in the process of building my new home, and the builder provides me with my own designer.  Do I still need to hire a design consultant?


YES absolutely!  Although the designers provided by builders via their design centers are extremely knowledgeable and very resourceful when it comes to assisting you in choosing materials, flooring, colors for your new home they are not on the field and therefore are unable to oversee specific details of your implementations and installations.  In addition, many of the design centers have specific products that they offer to everyone; therefore limiting your ability to choose or combine products that work with your taste and lifestyle.  Your time with a personal design consultant from RSZ Interiors may be less because of having this additional resource provided by the builder and included in the price of your home; however, RSZ Interiors believes that you should have someone who is looking out for your best interest while taking into consideration your personal taste.  Plus remember, this designer, although very knowledgeable and helpful, does work for the builder and not for you.

I was watching a TV show and noticed that the homeowner who was building a new home had their consultant with them at the plan review meeting. Wouldn't this consultant be brought in after the home was completed?


Bringing in a designer before you build is a very wise idea. They can look at the plans with fresh eyes and may be able to suggest changes that will improve traffic flow, continuity, space usage. In addition a designer can help choose cabinetry, hardware and lighting fixtures as well as assist you in choosing the best locations for installation of these features.  The best time to get RSZ Interiors involved is at conception: blue print stage.  We can partner with you and attend architect and builder meetings and assist you in modifying your plans to reflect your lifestyle, your taste, your ultimate vision for this home.  The best time (and least expensive) time to design a dramatic lighting plan, a state of art kitchen, a practical and functional library, or a romantic and relaxing master suite is at the blue print stage.  Your home is the highest-valued purchase that you make in your lifetime, let RSZ Interiors partner with you to ensure that you create everything you wanted, expected and deserve.

Many of my friends say that hiring a designer is only for the rich and famous. Is it true that they charge thousands of dollars and only work with expensive furnishings and accessories?


While it is true that many designers focus on the specific market of high end designs and remodels, RSZ Interiors focuses on our clients specific needs and budgets.  If we feel you can save money by doing the implementation or installation yourself, we will be the first to tell you.  RSZ Interiors believes that each room we create must offer functionality, harmony and balance that is a reflection of you as a client.  If we have assisted in creating a room that is so expensive that every time you walk into that room all you can think of is the credit card bills that are awaiting you -- then we have not met our goals and therefore we would consider that creation a failure.   RSZ Interiors focuses and listens to each client's specific needs -- and budgets are taken very seriously when it comes to meeting those needs.  And yes, we love Home Depot, Target, and Kirkland’s and we are not ashamed to say it.  We will give you Vera Wang or Tommy Bahama or fabrics from Brunschwig & Fils' if your budget allows it -- otherwise, we have many, many other very cost effective options.

How much does it cost to hire RSZ Interiors?


All designers and decorators use diverse time tracking methods.  RSZ Interiors charges $300.00 for an initial consultation fee (approximately 2 hours).  After the initial consultation, our rates are based on the client's specific needs depending on the particular project.

I have a specific project in mind, what does RSZ Interiors need from me?


RSZ Interiors offers a 2 hour initial consultation.  During this consultation RSZ Interiors' goal is to get to know you, your styles, the functionality of the space, and to assist you in determining a realistic budget.  During this time we ask that you share with us pictures, fabric samples, magazine cut outs and that you answer some of our questions.  Remember pictures are worth a thousand words and can convey your wishes when words fail or specific industry terms are unknown.  If there are others who live in the home whose consideration must be taken into account we would like to hear their input, whether it is through you or personally.  Depending on the project, we may need to take some measurements and or pictures.  Also please do your research and consult budgets so that RSZ Interiors can get a clear picture of your intentions and wishes for your specific space.

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